Now that home buyers and investors are searching for exclusive, cutting-edge additions that make a home unique, having the best custom cabinet makers and designers in the industry has become a necessity. Whether you’re building luxury, high-end homes from the ground up or helping a client with a remodel or room addition, we proudly offer our interior design and custom cabinet design services.

The RDGi team specializes in creating room designs that are appropriate to functionality but add a unique, upscale flair.

Home Interior Designers

With more than 20 years of custom design experience, our team is reliable, dedicated and attentive. Never bypassing any detail, the Rinehart Design team takes the time and care to create designs and cabinetry suited exactly to your specifications, promising to always keep your clients in mind.

When you allow us to partner with your company, we work with you and your clients throughout the entire design, building, and installation processes. While we keep in mind that home buyers have probably looked at many homes and are looking for the best available on the market, we are ultimately working to give you the resources and materials that you need to succeed.

Partner With RDGi

Call Brandy Rinehart and her team at Rinehart Design Group now to learn more about our partnering services. We can’t wait to work with industry professionals such as you.


“Rinehart Design Group, simply put, makes an Architect’s life easier. Ms. Rinehart’s passion for her work, coupled with her insightful design experience, compliment all involved. From her first sketches, to the formal drawings and in-place photos – a picture of quality, efficiency, and delight.”

– David Raino, Raino Ogden Architects, Chicago, IL

“Brandy’s talent and excellent taste are ideal complements to my interior design team when initiating work on a new project – big or small.  She adds quality and professionalism to every home she helps design, and her personality and creativity shine through in her beautiful cabinetry that is executed to perfection time after time.”

– Lori Deeds, Kemble Interiors, Palm Beach, FL