Our interior design and custom cabinetry creations are only as good as the structural elements occupying the spaces we work in. As industry professionals who believe in the power of teamwork, the Rinehart team welcomes architects to join us in our endeavors. We know that we can create true, cutting-edge, creative homes and spaces together, but only as a result of sharing our expertise.

Since we are not the experts on the most effective structural elements of homes, and you, as an architect, might be looking for new and creative ways to make fixtures fit into a room, it only makes sense to create a partnership between our two businesses. Our knowledgeable team offers innovative designs and unique fixtures for your next project. Together, we have the ability to create some of the most sought-after, cutting-edge kitchen cabinet styles in the industry.

Whether you’re the lead architect on an entirely new building or creating a home-expansion project, partner with us for our interior design services and custom design cabinets. Because much of our design and custom creation work is done in our very own studio, we promise one-of-a-kind designs that your high-end clientele will appreciate. We offer dependable and prestigious design services along with personable customer care when we pair with other industry professionals.



“Rinehart Design Group, simply put, makes an Architect’s life easier. Ms. Rinehart’s passion for her work, coupled with her insightful design experience, compliment all involved. From her first sketches, to the formal drawings and in-place photos – a picture of quality, efficiency, and delight.”

– David Raino, Raino Ogden Architects, Chicago, IL